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I’m thrilled to unveil my latest creation, the ‘Botanical Palm’ Blanket, renowned for its luxurious, ultra-soft texture.

This blanket features the stylish “Breakfast Room Green” by Farrow & Ball—a color I’m currently obsessed with. It’s a vibrant yet soothing green that beautifully complements both modern and traditional decors, making it a versatile addition to any color scheme.

The ‘Botanical Palm’ Blanket is designed for versatility. It can be elegantly draped over a bed, casually thrown on a sofa, or spread out as a chic picnic blanket. It’s also perfect for outdoor use, providing comfort during chilly evenings on the patio or relaxed afternoons in the garden.

Crafted with pride in the UK, this blanket showcases British craftsmanship at its finest. Using locally-sourced materials reduces our carbon footprint and supports local industries. By choosing this blanket, you’re not just enhancing your home—you’re also supporting sustainable manufacturing in the UK.

And for those who enjoy a warm cup of tea, pair it with our seagrass bone china wave mug for the perfect match.

This Mother’s Day, wrap your mum in the warmth of love and the soothing embrace of our incredibly soft and cozy wave blankets.

To make this blog more personal, here I am with my favourite person, my rock, my world! We all need those heart warming chats with our mums, so why not make those moments more cozy with our collection of wave blankets and matching mugs.  It’s all about sipping in style in our house hold.

Our cozy blanket and matching wave mug set is the perfect way to show appreciation for the special women in your life. Embrace the warmth, style, and ocean-inspired beauty in this delightful duo. Order now and make this Mother’s Day a truly memorable and cozy experience for your mom!

Our wild Salmon blankets are on sale for a limited time offer! Why not make it a duo with a matching Wild Salmon Pink Mug.  Choose of Big Wave Or small Wave design.

Get Wimbledon Ready

Are you Wimbledon ready?

Check out our Supersized British Made picnic blankets and enjoy watching the tennis on our super soft and cosy blankets with your friends.

Our cushions and throws are ideal for outside use so if you are planning on watching the tennis on the big screen then make sure you have your home comforts with you so you can sit back and relax in style.

We have the perfect side plates for your strawberries and cream teas with matching fine bone china mugs and lets not forget our tea stays hotter when served in bone china.

You’ll notice that we have featured a bottle of The Hidden Sea Wine. As a sustainable and ethical brand we love to help support other businesses.  Did you know that The Hidden Sea removes and recycles 10 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers for every bottle of wine sold!  Now that’s what I call A win!

Enjoy the games. Drink responsibly :)


Ocean Splash

Believe it or not coastal decor is my absolute favourite thing to design and I am excited to introduce you to four new cushions that will bring a splash of statement colour to any room when matched with our Daymer Blue and Fistral Cosy Supersized Blankets.

Proudly British made from organic cotton and filled with ethically sourced feathers for a super plump feel, these luxury gems will fill your home with the spirit of the ocean through design and colour.

I have chosen a more heavy weight cotton (like a cotton canvas) for more durability which in turn is ideal for outside use for those wanting to transform their garden into a coastal sanctuary.

The design and colour compliments the rest of our collection with waves and stripes in our best selling ocean blues and jades.  Why not also check out our matching Bone china collection of plates, mugs and more to complete the nautical vibes.

Heres a few shots of Matt and I at work, styling and photographing our new Cushions, matching blankets and bone china for a new brochure.  Hey I even thew in our sample cap which is coming in a few weeks too.

My new products should be available in the next two weeks.

Here are a few shots from the shoot that were kindly taken of Matt and I at work together.

A massive thank you to Laura for letting us photograph in your beautiful new home.

Thanks for reading!

Anouska & Matt x


It’s easy to celebrate love on Mothers Day with our thoughtful collection of British made, ethical and sustainable homewares.  Designed to bring the spirit of the ocean from the outdoors in.

Our British made, Wild Salmon Pink blanket are super soft to touch, making those chilly nights on the sofa or bed extra snuggly, warm and cosy.

Our newest edition is our wearable blankets ‘The Poncho‘ which have been designed for those that work from home or to throw on after cold water swimming. I wear mine when it’s my turn to make the tea in the morning.

My Mother is a big fan of The Cornish Surfer 360 Fine Bone China mugs as she claims that her earl grey tea tastes that much better from Fine Bone China. I have to agree.

Our Blankets and Mugs come beautifully packaged with recycled boxes, hand stamped with our brand logo and wrapped up with biodegradable recycled paper tape, so there’s no harm to the planet.



Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service.  Sounds like a perfect excuse to celebrate with family and friends don’t you think!

Whether you are simply off to a party and need to take a gift or hosting a lunch, we have the perfect collection of blue and red wave themed, British made Cornish delights.

Take a look at our luxury collection and get inspired with ideas.

We are offering a 10% discount on all of our Red & Blue items in the run up to the big day, so please direct message me via Instagram or simply drop us an email to claim your discount.

Our Fine Bone China mugs make the perfect gift when attending parties and are perfectly themed in (Nautical blue), Shark Bite (red).

For those that are hosting a party we have a beautiful collection of fine Bone China Wave Cake Plates in (Red) and (Blue) and Matching Wave Dinner Plates in (Red) and (Blue).  And the excitement doesn’t stop there.  We also have matching wave themed super sized blankets in Daymer (Blue) and Shark Bite (Red) that have been designed to make the perfect snuggle companion. You could easily fit 4 guests under one.

If your going for the alfresco look then try scattering our Luxury Tides Cushions in Daymer (blue) to give that deluxe feel and comfort to your out-door area.

I am a great lover of warmth so at the end of a long day I am often found snuggled up to my super soft and cosy limited edition (hotwater bottle) whilst sipping something rather hot and delicious from our (Blue Steel) Surfer water bottle.

Now that the fun is over to you!  Have a wonderful weekend from all of us at The Cornish Surfer.

Coastal Calm Pinks

We have recently launched our new (British made) Wild Salmon Pink Blanket that oozes coastal calm and elegance through its soft and luxurious tones.

With spring well and truly here, we can help you get creative and transform your outdoor living spaces by adding a touch of coastal calm and comfort to your garden furniture with our soft furnishings.  The Abstract energy trend is about bringing in bold shapes and colours to brighten up a space, so our deliciously Cornish wave blankets are a firm winner.  More still our Wild Salmon blanket is an on trend colour which claims to be a gender-neutral favourite. Happy days!

I do like to match things up a bit, so we are releasing the 360 fine bone china mug in several new colours and a new wave design to sit perfectly with the rest of our homewares and are a sophisticated but cool alternative to tea time drinking.

If you prefer to bring the ocean indoors then have a go at painting an accent wall in your bedroom to match with your throw or mug. I used Pink Ground by Farrow and Ball. It transformed the room, giving its a fresh modern twist. My husband even agreed with me!

Flowers are also a great way to introduce colour to match with your accessories.

I must admit, being married to a photographer does have its advantages when I am choosing a colour for a new product.  Our house is full of Matts ocean photography and he has captured some wonderful pinky tones (that i’ll include in this blog)  that match beautifully with our soft furnishings.

Incase you didn’t know, sustainability has always been at the fore front of my design and production process and the brand continues to strive for more sustainable opportunities.  With allot of hard work and sheer dogged determination not to give up, we managed to find a suitable factory in the UK. Hooray!  I am certainly a fond supporter of the British manufacturing industry.   We’ve done the hard work for you, now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy our cloud soft products in the comfort of your own home.  Every ocean loving household needs one!

We would love it if you could tag @thecornishsurfer and share any images of you with us enjoying our products and leave us a review on google!

Thank you for reading.

Luxurious Blankets Shouldn’t Cost the Earth

As a responsible, small Cornish business our aim is to tread as lightly as possible on this beautiful planet we call home. From the manufacturing to the shipping, right down to the packaging and labelling, we know that being as responsible as possible is as important to our customers as it is to us as a brand. This is our guiding ethos in everything we do, and our eco-friendly recycled cotton blankets are no exception.

In the wake of recent climate control initiatives such as COP26, sustainability continues to be at the forefront of all our minds. Scientists warn the policy makers that every extra fraction of a degree of global heating will have dire consequences, so it is vital to act now.  

a field of cotton

Brands Working Together to Eradicate Textile Waste

To meet the high demands of the latest fashion trends, many retailers produce inexpensive, single-use, non-durable garments which have a short wear-life and quickly end up in landfill. Textile waste is estimated to equal 25 billion pounds a year and most of this ends up in landfill. 

Did you know… 

  • It takes 2,700 liters of water to make one cotton shirt
  • 84 percent of clothing ends up in landfills or incinerators
  • In just one year (2018), 17 million tons of textile waste ended up in landfills
  • Textiles can take up to 200+ years to decompose in landfills

Cotton production can also encourage other damaging processes, such as land clearance/habitat destruction to make way for crops, and then using polluting pesticides and chemicals to protect these crops. 

This is not ok. 

When we read that 10% of worldwide CO2 comes from clothing, we wanted to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Here at The Cornish Surfer we work hard to keep clothing out of landfills by changing how we produce our textiles and ensuring that everything is made using recycled cotton right here in the UK.

By moving our production from Austria to Britain we are able to be more hands-on so that we can perfect the feel and look of our product ranges, whilst still treading lightly with an eco-conscious mind.

The British family-owned textile company we chose to partner with has been producing beautiful textiles for almost 150 years from their weaving mill in Lancashire, the heart of the UK textile industry. They are meticulous when it comes to quality and high standards, and we knew that the level of softness and luxury we demanded for our blankets could only be achieved by such a manufacturer.  

recycled cotton blankets being made

Beautiful Recycled Cotton Blankets from the UK

Recycled cotton is certainly not a new concept, but using it to create our blankets is a vital part of helping us to be a more sustainable and responsible business. By using recycled cotton we are helping to reduce the amount of energy, water and dye which is used in the cotton production process.

By harnessing a more cyclical manufacturing process we can help to protect the climate and keep textiles out of landfill. We often think about recycling plastic, cardboard and glass, but less so cotton. Recycled cotton can be generally defined as converting cotton fabric into cotton fibre which can then go on to be reused in textile products. 

making recycled cotton blankets

The recycled cotton which is used to make our luxuriously soft recycled cotton blankets comes from primary textile waste which is where waste clippings from the clothing industry are collected, sorted according to colour and quality, then taken back to the original fibre.

This is then blended with minor quantities of viscose and polyacrylic (for colour uniformity). The blended fibres then undergo a special spinning process to create the high-quality yarn that is used to weave our beach blankets. Customers are often surprised at the cloudsoft nature of our recycled cotton blankets and we love seeing their eyes light up at the first touch… they really have to be felt to be believed.   

Blankets So Soft You’ll Wonder Why You Waited So Long…

Whether you use yours as a picnic blanket, a sofa throw, baby blanket, or as a deliciously warm wraparound after a dip in the sea… our blankets are made to last and we encourage you to care for them and use them for as long as possible.

With their distinctive designs, hand-stitched finish and supersoft feel, our luxury recycled cotton blankets are everything you hope they will be and so much more… When you buy recycled cotton blankets from the Cornish Surfer, you buy happy in the knowledge that you’re not only choosing the finest UK interior style, but you’re also doing your bit for Mother Earth. And that is priceless. 

Take a look at our collection of luxury beach blankets and recycled cotton baby blankets to decide which will become your family favourite. If you’d like to speak to Anouska directly about trade or media enquiries please get in touch and she’ll be delighted to chat.

Recycled cotton blanket in red