Coastal Living

Coastal Living

We’ve had such fantastic exposure from Coast magazine this month which I am so excited to share with you.

Our fine bone china cup & saucer was listed ‘Find Of The Month’ which thrilled me because these are the products I am most proud of from a creative point of view.  The design although looks simple was really tricky to apply onto the china and there was much back and forth with the team at the factory.  This design ended up being dedicated to one person to apply at the factory and had to be watched by eye when the design was applied.

Hot In The Press

Taking Positivity From The Ocean

It's such a delight for Matt and I to see both our design and photographic talents collaborate together as a brand. Articles like these really make you feel like you are doing something right and it really puts a smile on our faces. I'll be glowing all week.
Anna Turns interviewed us over the phone because of the Covid restrictions, but she still managed to capture the sense of the brand beautifully so thank you Anna.

Over the weekend our online sales went through the roof because of this coverage by Coast and it kept us up late both nights of the weekend packing up all the parcels. It was great fun.
Take a look at article below. Yes TWO double page spreads to read!

We thank you for following us and supporting our brand.

Matt & Anouska