Hot in The Press

Hot in The Press

We have published our first advertisement in Cornwall Life this month and the phone has started ringing and the orders are becoming more consistent….this week!

We have also been lucky enough to feature in the Metro (London paper) which has driven up some sales in the London area.  Thank you…you know who you are! :)

Next month (released this month) we feature again in ‘Cornwall Life’ and ‘My Cornwall’ with a story behind the brand, so stay tuned and grab yourself a copy,. Theres no better way to have a good read from your deckchair with your favourite cuppa and find out what’s happening in Cornwall.

Week by week brings uncertainties with the changes of Covid 19.  Challenging times but we at The Cornish Surfer are playing by the rules and taking it day by day with a positive attitude. I have never felt so excited to hear the landline ring! Usually the phone only rings in the early hours of the morning from our friends checking for surf reports!




We're only Going Places That Spark Joy

Keep Calm and Travel On

We are delighted to announce that we are receiving orders from oversees this month. So far we've reached Portugal and Australia and distributed products from bone china cups to cushions and blankets.
We thank all our customers for the support during the lockdown period.

Stay Warm and Cosy

Although my mum is only up the road we still haven't been able to have a much needed hug. So she's covered herself from head to toe in our luxuriously soft blankets and cushions, just to cheer herself up. "I snuggle under my blanket every night in front of TV and feel so warm and cosy, even when it's not cold outside".