Keeping It Active On The Water.

Keeping It Active On The Water.

When the waves are taking a break, we certainly don’t at The Cornish Surfer. The Cornish Surfer are a family of extreme water babies, so we try and turn our hand to anything that moves fast on the water.  We took up Windsurfing in 2011 when we moved further out of London to Datchet, where they had an epic water sports facility at Queen Mother Reservoir.  The reservoir was spectacularly large with 500 acres of water and 1.5 miles across, so it gave us a real sense of being free when out on the water.  As water lovers we became ‘Platinum’ members of the club and spent all of our free time out on the water. After-all the training clinics were free and we had access to unlimited kit hire. In-fact even the staff were annoyed at how much time we spent out on the water.

Thanks to Matt Chapman for an awesome air, he’s our local windsurfing hero :)

All Year Round

Looking Back At Our Trips With Fond Memories

Thankfully after several years learning new skills we took a few trips of our own and ventured out to some epic Windsurfing destinations around the world.
Le Morne in Mauritius was by far the most consistent of winds and such a beautiful location to be out on the water. You can surf and windsurf from the same beach here, so for Matt and I we were in our element.
The ION Club in Le Morne has some awesome kit to hire which you can rent out by the hour. Here are some pics of me blasting about on the water before a massive down pour of rain hit us. So much fun.

Keeping It Local At Home By The Sea

These days you’ll find Matt and I windsurfing out on the water just off our local beach. This photo was taken the first summer we moved back home to Cornwall, so it was up there with one of the best windsurfing sessions we've had. It certainly helped being able to share the waters with some of our close friends and being presented with a hot dog fresh off the BBQ. Life doesn't get better than that. Thanks Stuey, Clauds and Rob.
Just a word of warning to those surfing the great wild sea, we have been caught out with unexpected winds so make sure you take a phone with you, otherwise you could face losing your kit or having a very long swim back to shore!