My Commute To Work

My Commute To Work

My commute to work still starts with a takeaway flat white from my local coffee shop @Summink Different.  A habit i can’t seem to shift from working so many years in London. I needed it with  London’s fast pace lifestyle.  I always seem to be in a rush, a 24 hour rush hour!   After my hour commute into London Waterloo, a bus trip across Waterloo bridge, I hit the cobbled streets of Covent garden. I used to swing by my favourite coffee shop, Monmouth and then The Nordic Bakery for my freshly baked croissant fix before hitting the office at Hogarth, the worlds largest Advertising Agency.

Now things are very different. I start my day at a leisurely pace by crossing the road with my two year old in tow, through a quaint little fishing village, whilst stopping and chatting to a dozen locals on route.  I’ve put a stop to my croissant addiction but everyday I stop for a coffee and have a chat to Heidi, the friendliest cafe owner I know.  I always leave her with a spring in my step.  Perhaps its because her coffee is so good and her service is always with a smile.



My Journey With An Ocean Breeze

Wide Open Spaces, Salty Sea AIr

Theres nothing quite like it when a new order pops up in my inbox, it gives me a lift which carries me through the day.
Labels printed, products packed....well its time to change into my gym gear, bike out, helmet on......heres my journey to the post office 5 miles along the coast. I still have to pinch myself as I can't quite believe how lucky I am to experience such a spectacular view and to be able to exercise in such a chilled out environment, breathing in that salty sea air. What a life changing experience it is. Totally addicted.