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Our eco-conscious journey

Our eco-conscious journey

Creating our brand has taken us on quite a journey of discovery when it comes to the sustainable sourcing of suppliers and products. As ocean lovers, it was important to us that in creating The Cornish Surfer, we were able to limit our footprint and to have a positive impact, however small.

When we were creating prototypes for our cushion range, I was shocked to find how unethical most of the cushion fillers were on the marketplace today. But how could we create that balance between luxurious comfort and eco conscience? We couldn’t just sit back and stuff our cushions with unethical fibre.

Days rolled into weeks and weeks rolled into months before we found one of the most eco-friendly cushion fillers out there. We are so proud to have found a company in Britain that could help us make a bespoke sized eco-friendly cushion insert, made from recycled plastic bottles. Hooray!

It became apparent that with a bit of effort on our part we could really help contribute to safeguarding our planet.  So, we got to work and focused our attention on what type of materials were eco-friendly for the development of all our products. Sifting through which factories were environmentally ethical and paid particular focus on the management of production waste.  All these factors helped contribute to us developing our ethos.


Back to the drawing board

With cotton becoming a scarce raw material and over produced, it was our mission to source the right suppliers for our blanket production too.

Both our blankets and cushion covers use recycled cotton from primary textile waste. In this recycling process clippings of the clothing-industry are collected, sorted according to colour and quality, then taken back to the original fibre, blended with minor quantities of Viscose and Poly Acrylic (for colour uniformity) and finally spun into coloured yarn in a special spinning process.  The production cycle is then closed by using this yarn to weave the products.

We design and create with a conscience and we are in it for the long haul! We’re not just a brand, but a brand with a conscious.