Our Great Cornish Walks

Our Great Cornish Walks

I can’t help but say I do love a good lock down.  I was so going to say its a gentle reminder, but actually its a bit of a reality check on one’s way of life.

We have such busy lives these days and we very rarely stop, breathe and take time to look up and see things around us that we take for granted.

Last weekend the sun was out in it’s full glory and chose to sparkle over us on our family adventure walk at the top of  Mount Edgecombe.  We walked for miles and didn’t see a single sole, which we felt very proud of.

We have never walked the tops of Mount Edgecombe before, as my stomach usually leads me towards a cafe where I can have a treat, but with everything closed we chose a different path. A path that lead us through a  variety of wide open spaces, woodland walks with a mix of stunning panoramic sea views over Rame Head (heritage coastline) and Plymouth sound.  It’s an absolute must if you live locally at the moment.

If you’re in to your wildlife, you’re very likely to see flocks of  wild deer and sheep running across the hill tops.

If any of you know me personally, then yes I did sneak into my back pack some fresh coffee and some treats to keep us all going.  My daughter thought I was the best thing going! :)

Keep safe & much love from us at The Cornish Surfer.

Matt & Anouska