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The Cornish Surfer Beach Walks

The Cornish Surfer Beach Walks

Feeling over exercised?
Lately our focus on setting up ‘The Cornish Surfer’ business took priority over exercise, but with covid-19 in force our focus has certainly shifted and we’re now prioritising a beach walk activity as a family or I get an hour to myself and go for a run along the beach. Like many of us I rarely have time to take a moment for myself and adventure out to explore the most amazing sceneries we have just on our door step. Our local Cornish coastline is breath-taking, with gigantic cliff tops and endless grey sandy beaches that stretch out for miles and miles. Our beach is surrounded by protruding rocks, rugged rock pools and hide away caves which our daughter loves to explore in and get soaked. She loves nothing better than to be wrapped up in her Sennen Cosy baby blanket. On our return home to the Cornish Surfer headquarters, nothing quite beats that moment of snuggling up on the sofa in my large Sennen Cosy blanket, whilst my husband puts the kettle on and pours me a delicious cup of tea in my Ocean 360 Cornish mug.

An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.

At this time of year, our local beach is usually full of locals and visitors walking their dogs and chatting to passer’s by, so it’s really quite surreal to see our beaches so isolated. There’s an overwhelming feeling of stillness and calm. The sound of silence is quite present, with just the odd seagull squawking and the tides lashing on the shore-line. Isolation central.

Like many we are finding it a bit of a struggle to keep our daughter entertained, even at such a young age, but there is never a dull moment when we hit the beach. We usually search for local wildlife on the land and then explore our rock pools which are full of ocean life. Our daughter just loves splashing in the puddles. It’s a great opportunity to take her mind off pepper pig!