Packing for a surf trip

Packing for a surf trip

Packing for a surf trip can be incredibly exciting.

For Matt, it’s this moment when he turns into a child all over again, the electricity of anticipation literally bouncing out of him.

As seasoned surfers, it’s second nature now, we can pack on autopilot, (or while bouncing up and down with excitement!)

However for those that don’t often take this type of trip it can be a little daunting working out what to pack and, if you’re going abroad, which airlines allow surfboards for free.

Here’s our top tips for a ‘surf-trip essentials’ packing list. Forget these items at your peril!

Surf trip essentials:

Wax (cold or warm water wax depending on the water temperature)
Spare fins
Reef boots (or iodine for those who forgot their reef boots!)
A spare leash
A surf multi tool with a FCS key
A spare FCS key
A spare, spare FCS key. You can see where this is going… for some reason these are always the things that get lost!
Long sleeve rash vest
Board shorts x 3
Your board!
Beach towel or a dry robe

Water and snacks (you’ll be hungry when you get out of the sea)

Mini-first aid kit (I say this as someone who often forgets to pack one, but who quickly regretted it the day we went windsurfing and battling against the strength of the wind to get back to shore left my hands completely shredded!).

Check the water temperature before you go, even if the weather is boiling hot, you’ll usually need a summer suit or a shorty. The water can be surprisingly cold, even in places like Morocco where you might think the water would be warm.

And don’t forget to check the weather, and be prepared for it to change! Coastal conditions can change quickly. Even when weather and ocean conditions seem mild, check the forecast! What looks benign can become hazardous really fast, so check the online forecast before you set foot in the sea.

There’s few things in life more exhilarating than a surf trip, so now you’re prepped, enjoy!