The Cornish Surfer is Popping Up In John Lewis Cribbs Causeway-Bristol 8th - 14th JULY

Please let there be no swell (for the minute)

Please let there be no swell (for the minute)

Whilst I would be shot by most for praying for no surf at the moment, in these uncertain times with the new guidelines in place for ‘no traveling to surf spots’, I find my husband staring out to sea, with his face pressed against the window… a lost, confused expression upon his face.   What is one to do with themselves when there is no surf?….. Eat homemade banana cake! Woohoo. There’s always a silver lining to every cloud.

Check out a couple of tips below to make your evening quarantine more enjoyable and your children entertained.


The waves of the sea help me get back to me

The Lockdown surf film festival have created a ‘free to view’ line up of the best surf films from across the globe with talks and Q&A’s. The films are being kindly supplied by some generous filmmakers who are keen to support the wave riding community.

The Wave project

This is a fantastic Cornish charity where your children can design their own surfboard and make a wave in a bottle. There’s lots more to do too so take a look and keep your kids brain active.