Wrap yourself up in pure comfort

Distinctive design…Soft to the touch…Eco-luxurious blankets

Our blankets are made from the finest blend of recycled cotton, with a distinctive contemporary Cornish design and a beautiful hand-stitched finish.

The ultimate in eco-luxury for your home, The Cornish Surfer range includes full size blankets as well as mini blankets for the little beach babies in your life.

  • Sea Spray Large Blanket

  • Sennen Cosy Large Blanket


Lovingly made for you

High quality ethically sourced blankets

We only use cotton from primary textile waste. In this recycling process clippings from the clothing industry are collected, sorted according to colour and quality, then taken back to the original fibre. This is then blended with minor quantities of viscose and polyacrylic (for colour uniformity). The blended fibres then undergo a special spinning process to create the high-quality yarn that is used to weave our blankets.

Doing Our Bit To Help Our Planet

Supporting Our Coastal Communities

We know our customers are conscious of their ecological footprint, just like we are, and we believe it is possible for both people and planet to profit from ethical consumerism. So we have made the move to have all of our new soft furnishings produced in the UK.

As ocean lovers, it is important to us to give a little something back to our coastal communities, so we regularly take family walks along the coastline and clean up rubbish left by tourism or plastics that have washed up on our shorelines. We do our best to help safeguard the ocean and those who live, work and play in coastal waters.