Support For Casey After Spinal Injury

Support For Casey After Spinal Injury

Our beautiful Casey (The face of The Cornish Surfer brand) had a tragic accident on Sunday 11th April that resulted in a life changing spinal cord injury.
Casey fell off her mountain bike whilst riding with her partner and friends, fracturing her spine and requiring a lengthy 6 hour emergency surgery once she had been airlifted to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.
After waking up from her surgery, Casey and her family were given the terrifying news that she was unlikely to ever walk again as the damage to her spinal nerves had been so devastating.

Currently Casey has no feeling or movement from the waist down, which has meant requiring 24 hour care from others (bathing, dressing etc), becoming incontinent and requiring specialist equipment to assist her out of bed.
She has also been in extreme pain since the accident, not only dealing with back and leg pains but recovering from a head injury and rib fracture as well as experiencing low blood pressure and pain when eating.

Once she has recovered from surgery and is medically stable enough, Casey will be transferred to the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre in Salisbury where she will receive 3-6 months of rehabilitation before she is able to return home.

Coming to terms with her injury and how different her future looks has been devastating for Casey, her partner and family, who have spent as much time by her side as allowed with the current COVID restrictions.


How can you help?

As Casey runs her own business, she will be receiving no income for as long as she is unable to work. Jay is currently spending as much time as possible by Casey’s side and is also experiencing loss of income.
With a new house, mortgage repayments and bills to cover, the money raised will help to alleviate the financial strain from both of them so they can focus on Casey’s recovery and rehabilitation.

When Casey is transferred to Salisbury, donations will help with travel costs for Jay as the rehabilitation facility is over 150 miles away from their home in Cornwall.
Further down the track, major adjustments will need to be made to their home to ensure it is wheelchair accessible and Casey will require specialist equipment installed so that it is safe for her to return home.

Please consider donating to help make this devastating time a little easier and share this fundraiser far and wide so we can get Casey the help that she needs.
Casey, Jay and her family will be extremely grateful for every penny we are able to raise to help her on her recovery and rehabilitation journey.




Casey Wrote A Poem From Her Hospital Bed

There Is Nothing This Girl Can't Do

Grateful to be alive - brain intact,
A miracle to have only broken my rib and my back

A damaged spinal chord keeps me in bed confined,
Whose is this body, sure doesn’t feel like mine

Is this still my body or a prison? I’m trapped!
Sore face and mouth, everything’s chapped

6 hours of surgery, 8 bolts in my back,
2 metal rods, bruises purple and black

Trying to stay positive and practise what I preach,
That’s hard when I need to be sick and the sick bowl’s out of reach

Incontinent, bed bound and lying in my waste,
3am - dropped a pan of water all over my face

Lying here cold as I shout out please help,
So weak and in pain as I cry here and yelp

Casey, you’ve had a big trauma, oh no,
I’m so sorry I say, I’m just lay in my flow

Sharp pain each inhale, it’s so hard to breathe,
Waiting to move position as the nurses, they heave

Physios teach me to cough in new ways,
Keeping fluid from my lungs, a challenge most days

7 hours until I can have my body cleaned and wiped,
Any privacy and modesty long out of sight

Each time I wake it feels like a nightmare,
Nurses being so kind brushing sick out of my hair

Heartbroken - I can’t feel from my waist to my feet,
My body keeps burning up with so much heat

Casey your fever is up high again,
Dreaming for the moment I can live without pain

Blood pressure’s low and the dizziness returns,
Eating anything, oh how it burns

Rolled every 3 hours to prevent bed sores,
How much more can this body endure

One day I dream to walk with these feet,
Today my challenge is merely to eat

My family and friends have sent so much love,
And I can feel help from my angels above

My man promised we’re in this together til the end,
While my broken bones, they heal - they mend

Keeping me strong and fighting each day,
As I learn to use my body in new, different ways

Crying again while needles stabbed in my skin,
So I can tell the doc, no I can’t feel the body I’m in

Smiles on my face with messages from friends, but the questions for updates please make them end

I don’t want to relive the pain from that day,
And when there’s no progress im too sad to say