Support Independent Brands

Support Independent Brands

Why is it so important to support local businesses & new independent brands like The Cornish Surfer?  Well I happen to know the answer to this question because we at The Cornish Surfer set out to make our stamp in the retail world in April 2020.  Little did we know we were about to enter the most challenging times in history in the retail sector.  Thank goodness we invested in a good website, otherwise we would have fallen flat on our face before we had even started. High five to #trimdesigns

In supporting local brands, small businesses and sole traders you keep the high streets alive and the big chains at bay.  You keep talented artists and creatives alive (literally) and your local economy thriving.  Let’s keep our local towns and villages thriving.

Although todays world of trading is one heck of a hill to climb, I do love a challenge.  It keeps me on my toes and my brain ticking away, always searching for new opportunities and possibilities.  We are on an adventure and I am so happy to be part of this creative bubble.  To be able to wake up each morning and do something you love is never taken for granted.  With every new order that pops into my inbox my heart beats with a warmer glow and if I’m feeling energetic a little dance too!

Did you know that Cornish small businesses make up a high proportion of the economy than in most areas of the UK?

Thats right, us Cornish folk are full of original inspirational and independant artists,  so by buying local you keep our little high streets alive and the shelves full of bespoke items that may be hard to find else where.


So How can You help

Social Media is our saviour these days

How can you help? Well although it pains me to say it, social media has become our platform for survival.

Theres a fine line of over posting on social media, but in the current climate these platforms have become our shop window. Still we try and limit our posts to one every day.

You guys can really help by:

- Buy your gifts locally / online from independent small brands
- Talk to your friends about us
- Follow us on Facebook & Instagram
- Comment on our posts
- Share our posts with your friends
- Tell us if you like our products
- Give feedback and leave reviews
- post photos of your purchased goods online and tag us.

All the little things you do allow us to grow and develop and expand on our dreams which ultimately benefits our local communities.

Thank you for your support. Anouska & Matt.