The Cornish Surfer is Popping Up In John Lewis Cribbs Causeway-Bristol 8th - 14th JULY

Why running a family business is a dream come true.

Why running a family business is a dream come true.

We both grew up by the sea, in a small fishing village on Cornwall’s south coast. But as life often does for young people in Cornwall, job opportunities took us away from our home, to the bright lights of the city.

For many years, London life was exciting, and we grabbed every opportunity it had to offer. But the call of the sea was always strong and we knew that when we started our own family, it would be back in Cornwall. Every chance we had to come home, we took. Stealing weekends away to throw ourselves in to the Cornish surf, and eventually, to start the search for our home by the sea.

Like so many people who set out to make a big change in their lives, our story was not without challenge. In both our professional and personal lives we came up against barrier after barrier that made our dream of moving back to Cornwall seem impossible at times.


Leaving our lengthy commute behind

On those lengthy commutes across London, when it all seemed so far way, I turned my imagination inwards, to what really made us tick as a couple, and started filling up a notebook with ideas. ‘Dream Big’ it said on the front cover, and so, I did. The early starts and late nights of London life were taking their toll, so this creative outlet became my solace.

It was during that time that I came up with the idea of creating a luxury ocean living lifestyle brand. I knew what it felt like to love the sea and to want to feel its presence all around me, and how it felt to be away from it. I wanted to create a brand for people that share that love of the sea, to give them something that brings that feeling of the ocean from the outside in, wherever their home might be.

And that’s how The Cornish Surfer was born.

It took us many more years than planned to move back to Cornwall and bring the brand to life, but our energy and determination to make it happen has seen us through. We hope you love it as much as we do.