The Cornish Surfer is Popping Up In John Lewis Cribbs Causeway-Bristol 8th - 14th JULY

Ocean Loving

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Ocean Loving

Making life a little more cosy

An exclusive collection of luxury lifestyle and homeware products inspired by the Cornish coast

Born from our love of the ocean and a passion for eco conscious design, The Cornish Surfer offers a stylish range of luxury ocean inspired homewares with a fresh coastal vibe.

Discover our unique design collections that bring the spirit of the sea from the outdoors in.

Choose from the softest of blankets and cushions, hand-finished bone china and breathtaking seascape photography, to add a little contemporary coastal character to your home. 

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  • Our eco-lux philosophy

    We design and create with a conscience

    Creating The Cornish Surfer has taken us on quite an eco journey. We quickly realised that we can create beautiful, tactile, fine quality homewares that are kinder to the planet too.

    We only want to work with suppliers who can help us tread lightly as we go so we made it our mission to source production from factories with a Sustainable Ecological Footprint and to use recycled materials wherever possible.

    What we didn’t know when we set out on this journey is that our aspiration to use recycled materials would lead us to creating the most sumptuous of blankets and cushions. Our feel-good eco credentials mean our homewares really do feel good!

  • The call of the sea

    A family business that dreams big

    The idea behind The Cornish Surfer was first hatched when we were living and working in London. On packed commuter trains, dreamed up between the pages of a notebook emblazoned with the motto ‘Dream Big’, we brought to life the feeling of Cornwall we missed so much.

    When we finally moved back to Cornwall to start our own family, The Cornish Surfer was born! Now anyone who shares our love of the ocean, and our love of Cornwall, can take a little piece of coastal comfort back home with them.

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