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In order for you to enjoy the stunning textile products, we always recommend reading the care instructions provided on the label.


30° are enough!

High temperatures are not required in order to guarantee the desired washing effect! Today’s detergents make your laundry perfectly clean even at low temperatures. It’s better to wash at 30 degrees than too hot!


Wool wash or delicates

The gentler, the better! Modern washing machines all offer very gentle wool washing cycles (delicates/wools), which are also extremely beneficial to our products and at the same time consume less energy!


Wool/liquid detergent or shampoo

Detergents designed for wool products or commercially available shampoos develop a large amount of foam, which acts as a thick cushion and protects the textiles against mechanical stresses in the machine. Please read the manufacturer’s dosage information and take into consideration different levels of water hardness.


Air drying and brief tumbling

By selecting a short spin cycle with a low speed of rotations you will prevent damage to the pile and avoid significant pilling. After spinning we recommend air-drying the throw. In order to achieve a particularly fleecy finish you can complete the drying process with a short cycle in the tumble dryer at a low temperature. There is no need to iron.