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The Waves

The Waves

Are Our Solace

Inspired by the ocean

Our soul lies where the land meets the sea

We are Anouska and Matt, the people behind the brand at The Cornish Surfer. We grew up in a small fishing village on the south coast of Cornwall, so when life took us away from our roots we snatched every opportunity we could to come back home to the ocean. To ride the surf and to breathe in the salty air.


The call of the sea

A family business that dreams big

The idea behind The Cornish Surfer was first hatched when we were living and working in London. On packed commuter trains, dreamed up between the pages of a notebook emblazoned with the motto ‘Dream Big’, we brought to life the feeling of Cornwall we missed so much.

It took us many more years than we had planned to move back to Cornwall and start our new life, but we were always determined to make it happen. When we finally moved back to Cornwall to start our own family, The Cornish Surfer was born!

Now anyone who shares our love of the ocean, and our love of Cornwall, can take a little piece of coastal comfort back home with them. We hope you all love it as much as we do.

Helping safeguard coastal waters

Cleaning Up Our Beaches

We know our customers are conscious of their ecological footprint, just like we are, and we believe it is possible for both people and planet to profit from ethical consumerism. We now produce all our our new homewares in the UK.

As ocean lovers, it is important to us to give a little something back to our coastal communities, so we regularly take family walks along the coastline and clean up rubbish left by tourism or plastics that have washed up on our shorelines. We do our best to help safeguard the ocean and those who live, work and play in coastal waters.

We try to make a difference

Family Business

The Cornish Surfer was founded from a belief in great product design and family values, based in Cornwal.

Ethically Sourced

We are whole-heartedly committed to ensuring the manufacturers we work with have strong ethical and environmental practices.

Cornish Proud

True to our roots, The Cornish Surfer brings the best of Cornish contemporary design to our luxury homewares.

“Inspired by the rolling waves of the rugged Cornish Atlantic sea, The Cornish Surfer was born. Breathe in the salty air, gaze at the picturesque seascapes, while you stay cosy in our luxurious blankets or sip warming tea from our beautiful bone china.”
Anouska and Matt



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