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A Brief Change Of Scenery

A Brief Change Of Scenery

Theres nothing like a good excuse to shut down the computer because the weekends approaching.  This weekend required a change of scenery, although I love a beach and woodland walks, we set out on a micro-adventure through boggy marsh and icy cold winds.

We wrapped ourselves up from head to toe and took a short drive up to the Cheese Ring on the top of the Moors.  It is truly amazing how a lock down can open up so many new locations that our right on our door steps, that we haven’t discovered or adventured out to before.

Yet again Matts captured some stunning photography, so here I share them with you.


Keep Moving To Stay Warm

Only Another Few Miles

This great open space is packed full of wildlife, with wild sheep and horses roaming across the moors. The air is so clean and fresh with only the sound of the wind whistling through the rugged rock formations. There was not a soul in sight which was quite an experience to endure. We felt like we had the whole place to ourselves, which I think we actually did!

If you are local and decide to take a micro-adventure to the Cheese Ring, then make sure you pack more than one apple with you! :)

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